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Armidale Dumaresq Council

Originally the Anaiwan were the predominant Aboriginal people in the area around Armidale but many other tribal groups occupied different parts of the region. Their territory is defined by kinships and geographical features such as rivers and mountain ranges.

John Oxley, the Surveyor General, conducted his survey in 1817-1818. First settled by Europeans in 1839, Armidale took its name from the Scottish ancestral home of George James MacDonald who was the Commissioner of Crown lands at the time.

The gold rush of the 1850's brought an influx of miners and business people. In 1863, with a population of 950, Armidale was made a municipality and in 1865 with the erection of two very fine cathedrals it became a City. Dumaresq Shire Council was founded in 1912. In 2000, Dumaresq Shire Council amalgamated with Armidale City Council. The NSW Governor, Gordon Samuels, proclaimed Armidale Dumaresq Council on 21 February 2000 and the inaugural election for Councilors were held on 27 May 2000.

  • Population 24,500
  • Total Area 4,235 km²
  • Number of ratable properties 9,726

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