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Local Government Authorities and Utilities need to capture accurate information (Design Intelligence) about infrastructure assets gifted to them from Developers that build these assets.

Managing the data that an Engineer captures then submits to the Authority is a fundamental first step to clarifying the requirements and improving the communication between these stakeholders. Ensure that valuable Engineering data isn’t lost or diminished in value as it transforms into the organisations Geospatial and Asset Managements Systems.

Improving the turnaround time between the date of the first submission by the developer, to the date their Development Deposit is released is an essential productivity improvement.

Ensuring that Assets are correctly recorded and are then scheduled for maintenance reduces public risk and improves the organisations ability to better manage valuable infrastructure.

Design Intelligence (Di) is a term we use to describe a clearly defined set of requirements that allows an Engineer to capture data to your Authorities needs. It’s intelligent because Di verifies all attribute and geometric errors prior to being submitted to the Authority.

Di reduces the backlog of capturing As Constructed information while improving the quality and the latency of information to the organisation.


Certification Phase

Certification Phase

Automating the certification phase improves the turnaround time that your staff need to interact with the Private Developers providing the As Constructed information.

This is achieved by defining both the spatial and attribute rules that the ACDC Validator needs to check prior to certification. The submitter has the option of installing the Validator on the local host (technical specifications are available) or they can utilise an online portal where submission of drawing are validated and when correct certified for the relevant authority.

Certification Phase Certification Phase 
Transformation Phase

Transformation Phase

Certification Phase A critical component of the ACDC import into Geographical Information (GI) and Asset Management Systems (AM) is firstly in the mapping of the attribute data that is in the AutoCAD drawing to both GI and AM data models. Once defined in the ACDC Configurator it will later be used by the ACDC Converter to populate these corporate applications with rich Engineering provided data directly from the As Constructed drawing.



Save time and increase your productivity

ACDC reduces the time taken for incorporating the gifted data from 3rd party’s to populating GIS from a number of days to less than 20 minutes. This results in significant process improvement in the incorporation of As Constructed information that comes with contributed asset documentation.

Certification Phase Certification Phase 

Preserve your accurate Engineering Data

ACDC extracts your engineering intelligence stored in Work-As-Executed drawings and integrates with corporate GIS. Configure once, automatically verify the data integrity and the auto-load with less manual effort

Ensures your Assets are captured and maintained

Assets that are not recorded in corporate Asset Management and Geographical Information Systems introduce risk to employees, the public and the organisation.

ACDC will ensure that assets captured in As Constructed drawings automatically update the relevant corporate system. Engineers and GIS professionals alike will gain confidence in the high quality data imported into their environments.


Reduces the time needed to release Development Deposits

A key business benefit is improving the turnaround time that Private Developers wait to receive their development deposits.

This is achieved by improving the process and the time taken to capture, validate and certify the As Constructed information provided to the Authority.



  • ACDC Configurator defines the Template which meets the needs of published industry standards extended to incorporate individual corporations requirements.
  • Provides an intuitive environment for defining corporate data requirements 

  • Performs a series of automated checks to assess the validity of configured data rules
  • Allows for viewing vs editing modes


  • ACDC Validator ensures all engineering designs meet the businesses, geospatial and attribute rules
  • Assesses as-constructed plans against configured corporate data rules

  • Flags all items in an as-constructed drawing that do not meet predefined business rules
  • Provides detailed information about data that violates business data requirements


  • ACDC Converter transforms AutoCAD objects into FDO Objects that are compatible with most modern Geographic Information Systems. Moreover, ACDC will also transform text data contained within AutoCAD (held as attributed blocks) into attribute data inside your MS-SQL or Oracle Asset Management Systems
  • Converts native AutoCAD objects to entities ready for consumption by an array of geospatial and asset management systems

  • Provides direct loading of data into enterprise applications supporting FDO technology
  • Takes features from as-constructed plans and converts them to fully featured GIS ready data based on defined business rules

Certification Portal

  • Alleviates the need to manually running the ACDC validation process

  • Allows for multiple loads of asset information at  once
  • Supports parallel business rule repositories
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