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left quote Munsys FieldMaps allows you to rapidly build and deploy highly interactive web and mobile applications with any number of context specific maps and tables to deliver the full power of your corporate data at the point of need right quote


Munsys® FieldMaps changes the way you deliver maps on your intranet or via the web. With Munsys FieldMaps you can rapidly configure and deploy specific maps as needed.

Delivering maps with the desired content as and where needed is simple. Now you can easily set your users free from the "one-map-fits-all" approach to web mapping. Configuring and deploying applications with embedded maps that deliver what they need, where they need it, in a familiar interface that is quick and easy.

Your users will no longer be forced to understand complex functionality and navigate through a myriad of legend layers. Munsys FieldMaps brings maps to the users without expecting users to become GIS experts.

Munsys® FieldMaps is a rapid web based application development platform that enables users to easily set up web applications with embedded maps and rich user oriented functionality.

Munsys FieldMaps Components

Munsys FieldMaps includes the following components:
  • Munsys® FieldMaps Builder

    this component is used to author the maps and their associated definitions, which are stored in a central Oracle® database. Maps and map components can be re-used in any number of maps.

  • Munsys® FieldMaps Presenter

    this component is based on the Adobe® Flash plug-in and is used to view the maps that have been set up in FieldMaps Builder.


In addition to the Munsys components the solution uses the following:
  • Oracle® HTTP server handles web requests and serves data to the browser.
  • Adobe® Flex renders map layers in the web browser using the Adobe® Flash plug-in.
  • Oracle Spatial or Locator for spatial data storage
  • Oracle APEX for Rapid Application Development


Speed and simplicity

Rapidly configure any number of high impact maps with the Munsys FieldMaps Builder and simply deploy them as and when needed. Deploy complete maps or simply embed maps into existing web pages. Munsys FieldMaps uses Adobe Flex technology which most users already have available in their browser.


Appropriate maps where you need them

Munsys FieldMaps makes it easy to deploy any number of web maps configured with appropriate content. Gone are the days of "one-size-fits-all" web maps.

Get the maps, lose the GIS barriers

Munsys FieldMaps are delivered directly from the database to the browser - no additional web server middleware is required. This makes it easier and cheaper to deploy better maps.


New technology, more flexibility, lower cost of deployment

Munsys FieldMaps builds upon the spatial capabilities of Oracle and browser rendering of Adobe Flex technology to provide high performance custom web maps with ease.

More maps, lower cost

The Munsys FieldMaps technology stack allows many maps to be created and rapidly deployed without extensive technical knowledge. Web maps are viewable in a browser which typically already has the Adobe Flash viewer installed. All this adds up to more maps and lower costs.


Small or large customers

Munsys FieldMaps delivers high end functionality that is affordable and usable by small or large organisations alike.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduced to new levels

Using Oracle HTTP functionality directly on the server side and Adobe Flex on the client reduces the complexity of the technology stack while the web based Munsys FieldMaps Builder simplifies map creation and deployment. All this adds up to reduced effort and expertise required to create and deploy maps. Configuring and delivering any number of custom maps is simply quicker and easier than before.


Mobile Applications

Take your data availability and usability to new levels using Munsys Mobile when out in the field. Onsite field data availability enables data checking and condition records to be visually confirmed. Capture photos or enter details into forms and the data is uploaded to the corporate system immediately using WiFi or cellular connectivity.

The agility of the FieldMaps platform allows the rapid development and seamless deployment of rich mobile applications that deliver corporate asset information at the location of the assets.


FieldMaps Builder

  • Web based map authoring application
  • Re-use layers, styles and info panels
  • Store all definitions centrally in the database
  • Trace system usage and access

FieldMaps Presenter

  • Seamless data presentation using the Adobe® Flash plug-in
  • Rich graphic environment
  • Simple deployment
  • Small footprint

Mobile Field Check

  • Intuitive mobile field check application
  • Easily record field observations against existing data
  • Capture text, photo and GPS data
  • Integrate mapped assets with other information on-site

Rapid Application Development

  • Rapidly develop and deploy web or mobile applications
  • Publish data directly from a single central data store
  • Integrate with other applications
  • Deliver maps and asset information in context as needed
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