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Managed Services

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Open Spatial introduces an outcome driven Managed Service for the provision Enterprise Geospatial Software and the human element to drive these outcomes.

Our full service offering is focused on two major aspects of provisioning geospatial services to modern organisations. The first is to lower the total cost of ownership of the software and if needed the associated technology and second provide access to human resources to fulfill the activities required for a successful implementation.

Software as a Service (Saas) is complemented with qualified human resources to deliver Cloud Intelligence (Ci).

Managed Service Ci will revolutionise the way that you think of how software and the people that deliver the outcomesexpected from the software should be delivered.

Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of acquiring software and the annual fees required to keep the software up to date is a cost that often forces organisations to procure inferior products based only on cost.

Open Spatial provides access to its entire Geospatial Productivity Suite for a single annual Managed Service Fee (MSF). The MSF replaces initial licensing cost as well as annual maintenance and support costs for traditional software deployments.

Managed Service Ci lowers the cost of software ownership and protects you against technology obsolescence.

Scalable Human Resources

To deliver measurable geospatial outcomes a demand exists on ensuring we have adequate resourcing of qualified personnel. The typical challenge is finding that one person that multi skilled person that is capable of writing a Spatial or Asset Strategy but also doesn’t mind keeping your As-Constructed drawing backlog updated.

Managed Service Ci delivers people at all levels to fill these tasks. Outcomes are determined and reviewed on a periodical basis, Open Spatial resources ensure that your Managed Service Ci outcomes are achieved.

Managed Service Ci supplies the people that you need to get the job done.


Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Software

Software as a Service (Saas) delivers the software needed by the organisation without the initial outlay of capital to acquire licenses. Combining the traditional initial licensing, annual maintenance and support fees into one simple Managed Service Ci Fee bundles these costs into a single operational expense.

Integration into popular billing, customer information, property systems, asset management and document management systems is provided as part of this service. A single integration fee covers the cost of available integrations and their forward compatibility with future releases (refer to PDS).

At any time past the initial contract period you can receive credits to revert to traditional licensing (conditions apply).

Protects you from Technology Obsolescence

A range of hosting possibilities exist within Managed Service Ci, hosting the software in the Cloud can be achieved in three ways; (a) host the software with your preferred service provider (b) host the software at our data centre (c) elect whether to own the hardware.

The levels of protection against technology obsolescence is at your finger tips.

Scalable access to human resourcing to drive outcomes

When you need to ramp up your resources or need less resources you simply advise your Ci Manager of your requirements and the tasks you need fulfilled and we will ensure that the resources are available to be on the job.

Deliverables are managed and delivered to a scope and expected business outcome.

Available Services


  • Cartography & Layer Design
  • Cadastral Management
  • Asset Realignment
  • Asset Import from As-Constructed
  • Spatial Analysis and Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Map Production
  • Development (Sub-divisional) Mapping
  • Town Planning
  • Managed Local Environmental Plan (LEP)
  • Aerial & Spot Imagery


  • Drafting
  • Network Connectivity
  • Road Segmentation
  • Asset Criticality
  • Pavement Management
  • Asset Data Capture
  • Hydraulic Modelling Integration
  • Intersection Management
  • Event Recording
  • Street Lighting & Furniture


Software as a Service

  • Flexible Software delivery model hosted centrally

  • Enlighten Bi browser based (over the Internet) delivery of mapping, database query, searches, plotting for all staff (including “connected” staff on 3G)

  • Access to corporate data by spatial searches and queries (according to security permissions) and reporting
  • Advanced engineering tasks including network tracing, shut-off reporting, error reporting

Scalable Human Resources

  • Overcome inability to source and retain suitably qualified candidates with experience for regional areas

  • Open Spatial resources to address the broad range of skills required to meet all the demands of the GIS Officer / Administrator e.g. data management, setting Standards, analysis, sophisticated scripting to writing a Spatial Strategy right through to Data Capture

  • Complements your existing resources to meet shorter term demands – State reporting deadlines, staff on long term leave, restructuring of staff

  • Ability to turn on and turn off resources to meet certain projects
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