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Working with Autodesk and Oracle
Open Spatial Corporate Offices 

Open Spatial Corporate Offices 

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The Open Spatial Suite is comprised of asset and engineering focused business solutions. These solutions are designed to achieve a seamless workflow and integration between engineering CAD, Geospatial and Asset Management business processes.

Our spatial Asset Intelligence (Munsys Ai) is an editing solution built directly on the AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D base technology. AutoCAD is a pervasive engineering design and data capture environment. Munsys Ai addresses the spatial data capture and data management needs of Utilities, Municipalities, Campuses, Ports and Exploration Companies.

At the heart of Munsys Ai is a philosophy of assuring “quality data will drive good business decisions”. A guiding principle is to treat spatial data the same way an organisation would treat other mission critical corporate data. By that we mean, data should be protected with adequate record locking algorithms while being edited and shared by all users from a common database.

Open Spatial Corporate OfficesOpen Spatial Munsys Ai leverages the superior design and editing capabilities of the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite (incorporating AutoCAD Map 3D / Civil 3D) to deliver industry specific engineering rules for capturing infrastructure assets. Munsys Ai alters the characteristics of the AutoCAD Map 3D and Civil 3D menus to deliver solutions to Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Roads, Electricity, and Telecommunications businesses.

At the core of the Open Spatial Suite is the Oracle database. The Oracle database is the world’s leading spatial database, having supported spatial data since 1996.

Munsys Ai supports the OGC Standards for spatial data storage and delivers unfettered access to data via standard SQL complying to the ISO/TC211 standard.

Now that spatial data is stored in a corporate database and accessed in the same way other corporate data is accessed. It can be easily integrated with corporate data and immediately add the dimension of location. Spatially enabling corporate data alters the way users access data with an easy to use map interface.

Open Spatial Business Intelligence (Enlighten Bi) is browser based and is a spatially enabled corporate integration portal. It provides direct access into data held within other systems and it provides tools that allow data to be accessed through a map.

Spatial data is analysed with Oracle Locator functions and output to requesting applications through a web services framework. This allows Enlighten Bi to easily display these results through a standard browser.

When you consider that between 80-90% of data that our customers manage has a location context you’ll appreciate why Customer Service staff will expect that they can access their customer accounts via the map, and field crews will prefer to locate their assets in the field through the map.

Enlighten Bi is a powerful and fully configurable portal that marries the map with corporate data. Furthermore, it provides powerful plotting services, that allows printing through the browser on A4 – A0 size paper.

Open Spatial Corporate Offices

Open Spatial Corporate Offices  Open Spatial Corporate Offices 
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